Manchester's Local Care Organisation

As part of delivering our Locality Plan 'a Healthier Manchester', we have developed a prospectus for Manchester’s Local Care Organisation (LCO). The LCO will bring together community healthcare, primary care, mental health, social care, some hospital services and the voluntary, community and independent sector to improve outcomes for people of this city. Through a thorough understanding of the needs of Manchester’s population, the LCO will develop and provide new services that support people to live healthier and more independent lives. You can read the prospectus here. And you can also find the powerpoint presentaton here.

Our vision for the LCO has been set out in the short film below:



At this stage we’re just looking at how the new LCO will operate and how it will work with other organisations to meet the health and social needs of Manchester’s people  and provide more care out of a hospital setting and closer to people’s homes.

If you have any comments on our proposals, please email us at We would be pleased to hear from individuals or organisations who have a view on how we can improve the health and wellbeing of local people.

Over the coming months,  we’ll also be talking to local people across the city about we can best design services to meet the needs of frail older people, children and young people, people with dementia, people with long-term and complex conditions, people with learning disabilities and people with mental health needs. These conversations will set the blueprint for how services will be provided by the LCO in the future.

If you are keen to keep up to date with how our plans are developing, or want to find out more about getting involved in our work, please:



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